An Alternative Trading Philosophy

Remember the credit crunch? Sub-prime mortgages. Collateralised debt obligations. Property prices collapse. Banks and investment houses wiped-out.

Since then mainstream investment choices – savings accounts, unit trusts, funds, equities, pensions, bonds, property – have performed badly. And whatever profit – if any – they’ve made has to be set against 20.3%1 inflation since the crunch bit in 2007.

In this environment the investing public has looked to diversify. New players have emerged, offering new ideas attuned to changed and changing markets. World Commodity Trading is one such example.

Our role is to seek out trading opportunities in the commodities sector, and offer them to our clients. We’re particular excited about fine coloured diamonds.

1 Source: UK Office of National Statistics, Retail Price Index, August 2007 – April 2013.